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Planning for Assignment 1

One thing I learnt from TAOP is to keep track of all my ideas that crop up. So I have become a little more structured in this regard and have a little notebook, small enough to fit in my handbag, which I keep with me and where ideas for assignments, exercises or random inspirations can be jotted down. This has been quite beneficial as I’ve come up with a few ideas and after jotting them down, I’ve begun to flesh them out.

I’m going to do the two sides of Capilano Road in North Vancouver. On the upper part of the 6.8 km road is an upper middle class suburb, surrounded by a greenbelt, lake and mountain. At the bottom of this road is an Indian reservation squeezed in between a bridge and industrial area.

Capilano Road
Map of Capilano Road

There are a few themes buzzing around in my head at the moment, the majority of them have overlapping tendencies which could apply to this project, like affluence/ marginalized society, difference in leisure activities, habitation – all are really interlinked here, but I do know that I will not be going down the racism route. I’ll see where my lens leads me.

My tutor has suggested looking at Bruce Davidson (110th Street), Gary Winogrand, Jacob Holdt (American Pictures), Ed Rushca (On the Sunset Strip) for some inspiration and I had a very quick look at these suggestions during my lunch hour today and feel rather drawn to the way Ed Rushca depicted the Sunset Strip. I think subconsciously I had that type of approach in mind so I’m quite pleased with that. My work is leaning more towards a landscape documentary approach than that of portraiture documentary. Now for the research …