Brad Howe & Jonathan Forrest – Gallery Jones

I happened to pop into the Gallery Jones today, not knowing what was on exhibition. It just happened to be situated close to another gallery that I had planned on visiting. On exhibition were sculptures by Brad Howe,

Brad Howe is from California and his sculptures are extremely colourful and playful. There was one that caught my attention. It looked like a toy house with a gigantic cactus leaf growing out of its roof, but the title was “Age of Radiation”. Quite the depressing title for something so lively.

The age of radiation by Brad HoweThe colours are so saturated and vibrant and the piece is quite playful in my mind. I particularly liked the juxtaposition of the soft rounded cactus leaf shapes contrasting with the sharp triangular shape of the house’s roof. I can’t pretend to understand modern sculptures like these, but on a grey day entering a gallery where such vibrant colours about around every corner is very heartening to the soul.

Also exhibiting in the same gallery was Jonathan Forrest who is a Canadian abstract painter. Like Brad Howe, Forrest’s work is also bright and colourful and the two artists complement each other well in the gallery space. Forrest’s work deals with an exploration into the physical substance of paint and ready made objects. Forrest states in his artist’s statement that:

“the subject matter of the works in this exhibition varies widely but falls under the umbrella of “things I notice in my everyday life … the paintings contain some essence of the dialogue between the ready-made found source image and the transformative painting process that results in the finished artwork”.

Sculpture by Brad Howe, paintings by Jonathan Forrest
Sculpture by Brad Howe, paintings by Jonathan Forrest

Tucked away in a corner were two photographs by Danny Singer which were really a bonus find. Singer is a Canadian photographer who photographs small town Canada. Many of his photos feature beautiful big skies with lots of cloud movement.

Danny Singer | MacNutt
Danny Singer | MacNutt

Singer’s work reminds me so much of Ed Ruscha’s Sunset Boulevard. Both prints are panoramas. The upper print measured 23 ” x 101″ and the detail in the photo was quite captivating. Looking at work like this makes me want to get out of the city and go explore these little one-man band towns that are dotted all over the country. It’s definitely something that is on my to-do list. The MacNutt photo has beautiful tones, orange buildings complement the blue sky at regular intervals and the street is book-ended by green shrubbery while long shadows stretch across the street to touch the buildings opposite. Its only when one’s eye takes in the shadows that one realises there is an opposite side to the street – so remote is the narrative.

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