Assignment 5 Planning – Preselection

It was the first sunny day in weeks, so I grabbed the opportunity to go and shoot for this final assignment. The makeup took longer than the trial run and I seemed to battle a bit this time, but in the end I think I got it to work. This time I had the proper fake blood which worked really well. It stayed wet, but was sticky to the touch and held its drips very well.

I lugged all my equipment along in case extra lighting was needed, but I managed to shoot with natural light which was a bonus. Navigating with camera equipment across wet logs, stumps and narrow pathways was tricky. My husband was hampered by the mask he work which allowed very limited vision and I slipped on a mossy root and managed to do a face plant with my camera in my hand. Thankfully I managed to keep the lens up so no damage there!

I think I’m going to go with a series of 3 images. The first I’ll call “The Stalker”, the second, “The Shooter” and the last “Trophy Photo”. I have whittled down the first two photos, but still need to make a decision for the final image, which will be one of these below. Comments most welcome.

Holding head up
Holding head up
Crouched beside prey
Crouched beside prey
Foot on prey
Foot on prey
Prey draped on log
Prey draped on log



5 thoughts on “Assignment 5 Planning – Preselection”

  1. That’s a really good setting – very natural. I agree with some of the Facebook comments that the most striking one is ‘foot on prey’.
    I submitted just one image, but in feedback my tutor has suggested to experiment with a triptych based on my contact sheets.


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