Seeing Through Photographs

Seeing Through Photographs is a free MOOC presented by the Museum of Modern Art, available on Coursera. One has the choice to pay a fee and get a certificate upon completion or one can do the course for free and not receive the certificate. I opted for the latter route.

The course was quite handy and very informative. It covers a lot of the material that is dealt with in the Context & Narrative module, i.e. One Subject, Many Perspectives; Documentary Photography; Pictures of People; Constructing Narratives and Challenging Histories and finally Ocean of Images: Photography and Contemporary Culture.

There were many video clips with interviews with various artists about their work and each section had a resource list. MOMA supplied extracts from the gallery catalogues, links to various videos and other reading material and links to the actual artists featured in each section.

Interview with David Horvitz
Interview with David Horvitz

I would have enjoyed this course more if I had come across it at the beginning of Context & Narrative, I think, as I would have been able to use a lot of the information that was provided. Nevertheless, I’m glad I completed the course – each section only took up about an hour of my time, not too onerous at all. I particularly liked the fact that I was introduced to new artists and writings.

Reference List

Meister, Sarah (2016) Seeing Through Photographs [online] Museum of Modern Art, New York. Available at: [Accessed 12 March, 2016]


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