Assignment 5 Planning – Location Scouting

I made good use of an open window of a few rain free hours today and went location scouting for a suitable forest in which to shoot my final assignment.  There is one forest just around the corner from where I live that I’m quite familiar with and which has a nice open space for lighting and such paraphernalia but it is a well beaten path and I’d prefer to find a location where I’m don’t have to contend with looky-loos.

So I ventured up the road and up to the knoll and came across a location that looked as if it might be suitable. I couldn’t see in so that was a good sign. Although the forest (Kealy Woods Park) is surrounded by houses and a school, it was rather deserted.

I followed a few paths through the forest, taking photos of interesting angles which could be potential locations for some of the shots I’m planning. As I got deeper into the forest I noticed that there was a huge rock outcrop in the centre.  I managed to clamber down the path over tree roots and logs and came to the bottom of the cliff.  Immediately the scene from the Lion King came to mind where the lion is on top of the rocky outcrop surveying his kingdom.  This spot was quite remote and offered some space for lighting equipment. Not that I have much of that. I’ll mainly be using my flash on a lightstand, and reflectors, if needed. The natural light was quite beautiful, even though I was there in the middle of the day. So early morning or evening will be even better with some longer shadows. I retraced my steps and found the path leading to the top of the rocky outcrop and found a good spot for a downwards looking angle.

So I think I’ve found my quiet location I was looking for. I didn’t come across a single soul while I was there. Some of the photos I took can be seen in the gallery below – they are basically straight out the camera, only some highlight/contrast and clarity adjustments were made.


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