Philip-Lorca DiCorcia

Just a few notes on DiCorcia’s working methodology:

  • Dicorcia’s work is a mixture of documentary and staged tableaux for which is best known
  • Well known for his use of lighting in street photography
  • While shooting Hustlers, he paid his subjects, causing controversy in the photographic community
  • DiCorcia only plans stages his photographs up to a point and then relies on something unexpected to happen
  • He does digitally manipulate some of his images by removing or adding items
  • He does not direct people
  • Very often he does not know his subjects
  • He usually has his camera on a tripod
  • Sets his photos up so that the viewer can assert his/her own interpretation to the image – open narrative

DiCorcia has no patience for visual passivity. “I’ve been trying to create photographs in which the emotional and psychological content is time-released… From the very beginning, I was fighting against this media-created idea that imagery is so disposable that it’s exhausted within a very short amount of time.” His tendency is to slow time down, an apprehension that has nothing to do with entropy. Instead, it is a seduction into the act of looking.



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