Hannah Starkey

Hannah Starkey is another photographer who stages her work. She recreates everyday, banal moments of women going about their daily routines.

  • Stages her scenes
  • Although her scenes are staged, they do resemble street photography
  • Narratives include issues of class, race, gender, and identity from the female perspective
  • Her subjects are usually female
  • Employs cinematic stylisation to evoke emotions in her work
  • She often titles her works “Untitled” thereby creating a disconnection with events and places
  • Composition plays a large role in conveying the emotional disconnect
  • Unlike Jeff Wall, she does not depict movement or people speaking in her images
  • She finds inanimate subjects more contemplative than those in motion
  • Uses mirrors and reflections. Mirrors and reflections provide a sense of abstraction and leave the interpretation of the image open-ended:

the area in the picture that is a window or a mirror is a route of escape – I mean for the subconscious mind travelling through the picture

The Telegraph

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