Fine-Art Colour and Black & White Digital Printing Workshop

Early Christmas present to myself! I’ve just signed up for a fine-art colour and black & white digital printing workshop with Marc Koegel at Vancouver Photo Workshops. At last I’ll be able to make sense of the complexities and nuances of digital printing.

Some of the topics that will be covered are:

  • What an ICC profile is
  • How to generate custom printer and paper profiles
  • When to resample and why
  • What soft proofing is and why it is important
  • How to print more than one image on a page
  • Why resolution is important and how it affects your final output
  • The difference between an Adobe RGB, ProPhoto RGB and sRGB color space
  • When and how best to apply sharpening
  • How to properly convert color to outstanding black-and white images
  • How and Why to select a specific paper (or substrate) for a given image or series
  • How best to calibate your monitor and printer
  • How inkjet printing compares to other printing methods, i.e. lightjet (lambda)
  • A list of recommended equipment (calibration, monitors, printers etc)
  • Mounting, framing and presentation options for your finished prints

In this two day workshop Marc will also cover everything from aesthetics of fine art printing to digital workflow and much more. On the final day Marc will make prints for us. This is going to be a great opportunity and I’m planning on taking some of my assignment materials along to print. So looking forward to this! I’ll report back after the course.


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