Anna Fox

Anna Fox is a well-know British photographer and professor at the University of the Creative Arts in Farnham and was shortlisted for the 2010 Deutsche Borse Photography Prize. The video below features Anna Fox telling the viewer a little about her major projects that have spanned her photographic career thus far. As Fox explains in the video, she presented the Cockroach Diary in a very personal way. The work is presented in a sleeve containing two little books. The photographs are featured in a separate book, while the diary itself is in a spiral bound book containing scans of Fox’s actual diary, giving it a very authentic feel. Due to the speed with which cockroaches move, Fox had to shoot using an autofocus camera, which she is not used to as she normally shoots medium format. Although the photographs feature cockroaches and their traces, the narrative is more about the family and friends living in Fox’s house at the time and their dysfunctional relationships. It has both comic and sad elements to it.

In Cockroach Diary the insects serve as a powerful abject symbol for all the anxieties, fears and conflicts that erupt among the members of the household, a social discord openly revealed through pages of the diary Fox kept at the time, a facsimile copy of which forms part of the book.

Mark Durden, Foto8


I really like the idea of her whole presentation and would be interested in actually seeing this work in the flesh.

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