Planning for Assignment 3

So I think I have come up with a theme that I want to tackle for Assignment 3, namely immigration. As an immigrant, one is continually confronted “newness”. New, unfamiliar grocery items, new methods of transportation to get used to, not to mention unfamiliar housing structures. I came from a country that uses brick and mortar to build houses to a country that builds with wood – and plywood at that!

On top of all the newness, one also has to cope with the sense of isolation, loneliness, missing one’s family, finding a job and so on. One has to battle against discrimination (yes, the immigrants are discriminated against albeit in extremely subtle ways) and one has to carve out a new identity and learn to blend in while still holding onto one’s own values and customs.

I think I’m going to continue in the abstract genre as well, which will hopefully help to convey the sense of dislocation one feels.

I made a few test images – they are all going to be another trial and error sessions and now I have to keep my fingers crossed that the torrential downpours are kept at bay for the next month or so, or at least every weekend.

_DSC0872I’m having a bit of a problem keeping my diary, as my life is pretty dull and routine now that I’m back at work again. It’s mainly eat, go to work, work, go home, eat, study, watch tv, read, sleep. So I’m trying to capture thoughts and memories of my immigration experience rather than my daily life currently, although I’m struggling to do that on a daily basis.


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