Vitor Schietti

Lately I seem to be drawn to long exposure and multi exposure techniques. My assignment 2 consisted of these techniques and my camera club presented a workshop on landscape long exposure just last week and now it seems everywhere I look I’m seeing images with these techniques. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something. I saw an interesting post on PetaPixel about Brazilian photographer, Vitor Schietti who had done amazing images using long exposure, trees and fireworks, more about that here. But it is not his fireworks images that I want to discuss.

His portfolio is filled with creative and interesting ideas. Schietti’s Presente project is what really triggered my interest, especially in light of assignment three’s self-portrait component. Google Translator translates his introduction to this project as: The human presence in a given space / time is able to modify that space / time? Footprints … and it is a very apt statement. Schietti has used long exposure to make his subjects slightly invisible, similar to Nassim Rouchiche who I researched for assignment two. However, Schietti’s subjects are situated in the open spaces, being at one with nature. His project is also in colour which creates a sense of serenity and peace, as opposed to Rouchiche, whose work is in black and white, shot in confined spaces and has a dark feel to it. Schietti’s subjects blend subtly with their surrounding landscape. They do not feel like intrusions. Those signs that we see on nature trails immediately spring to mind:

“Take nothing but pictures.
Leave nothing but footprints.
Kill nothing but time.”

Baltimore Grotto motto

It is a motto that means when we are out in nature we should leave no traces of human intervention i.e. no trash, and respect the wildlife and its habitat by leaving it untouched. Schietti’s project embodies this very motto, there is barely a trace of his subjects on the landscapes.

I also found it rather interesting that Schietti uses multiple exposures and intentional camera movement in some of his commercial work. His Musica series uses all of these techniques as well as Photoshop composites to achieve interesting portraits of Brazilian musicians.

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