More Assignment 2 Planning – Test Images

I’m really struggling with this assignment at the moment. See my initial planning post here. Having been advised by my tutor to take the surrealist route to interpret pain is definitely more difficult than I thought originally. I’m further hampered by the fact that I have taken quite a few images on my new camera but can’t process them in Lightroom as my new camera is not compatible with Lightroom 5 and my computer is not compatible with Lightroom 6, so I’m waiting for a new computer. I have managed to download a few images from the new camera through Nikon Capture, but it doesn’t have the same post-processing finesse that Lightroom does.

I think I’m at the stage where I need some constructive feedback from my fellow students and other photogs, so I’m going to post a few images that I am toying with at the moment. Hopefully I’m on the right track here.



4 thoughts on “More Assignment 2 Planning – Test Images”

  1. Hi, Lynda. I think you could go two ways with this, based on your images above. One way would be to explore the surrealist angle through creative use of bizarre images, as you have done in image 2 and 4. This might be what Sharon was talking about when she suggested the idea of exploring the dream aspect. The other is to go with the movement/multiple exposure theme shown in the other three. I like the multiple exposure ones, but think that the surrealist ones are more interesting from a narrative point of view. Just my opinion. Which group speaks more strongly to you?


    1. Thanks Holly. Good comments. I don’t have Sharon as my tutor, I have Gina. I’m still not sure which group speaks more strongly to me. I think maybe the multiple & long exposure route, if I can get all my ideas to work :-).

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  2. A couple of thoughts about the double exposures: have you tried reversing the transparency in the pain relief one so your hand is all to solid while the pills remain illusively transparent; you could juxtapose your digital clock with your leg rather than your head…


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