The Joys of a Camera Upgrade

A couple of weeks ago I treated myself to a new camera – bought the Nikon D7200. It has so many more bells and whistles than my old D3000 with a thick little manual to go with it. So once again I have a learning experience to go through, finding out where the menus are, what buttons do what and so on. This is to be expected.

I then discovered that Lightroom 5.7.1 does not support my new camera so now I had to upgrade my Lightroom to version 6. Did that this weekend. I foresee another learning curve here. Wouldn’t you know it – Lightroom 6 is a 64 bit program and … you guessed it … my computer is not 64 bit! So now after all of this frustration I have to upgrade my computer (it was time anyway, but that is not the point). What turned out to be a simple camera purchase has snowballed into an avalanche!

Just my vent for the week.


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