Assignment 1 – Tutor Feedback

I read my tutor report feeling slightly ambivalent. One the one hand a good report as far as my research goes, but not so great as far as my assignment went. My reflections are below.

Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills

Although my images were compositionally good, they lacked relativity and contrast between the sets. My tutor did not see enough of a difference between the two sets and mentioned that it could be because of the different cultural surroundings (Canada/UK) and I think this is true to a certain extent as I did poll a few local people to see if they thought the sets worked and they all believed they did. However, I can see my tutor’s point of view. For someone who does not live in Canada the differences might not be so great or obvious, but for locals they are.

My tutor stated that ‘both sets of images are quite contained and with held from the subject, presented quite objectively, with an absence of people’ and wanted to know if this was deliberate. In my planning post I had mentioned that my assignment would be a landscape, so it was deliberate. I should have reiterated this in my assignment statement probably. She went on to say that if my approach was deliberate, ‘it might have been more appropriate to use the road as a whole, rather than split into two and approached it from two different points of view of: Objective/Subjective – emphasizing the similarities through an objective dead pan approach and the more human activity side of things subjectively…. e.g tourists, engagement, activity, expression, life!’ This sentence is a little confusing, not sure if there is a grammatical error there. Does she mean I should approach the road from Objective/Subjective view points or does she mean that I have done so? I have an email to her for clarification.

Quality of Outcome

My tutor says that my research and reflection is ‘superb, scholarly, analytical, well referenced and insightful’. I’m pleased about that, however she says conceptualization of my thoughts is not filtering down into my image making. I am inclined to agree with her and I know that conceptualization is something that I do struggle with. Hopefully there will be some improvement for Assignment 2.

Demonstration of Creativity

She agrees that I need to take more risks creatively – I totally agree, but it is difficult. She also suggested that I develop a strategy when working on my projects.


Again she complemented me on the quality of my research. Thank you for that! She suggested that I contact her to discuss my ideas for Assignment 2, which I have done.

Suggested reading

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