Renate Aller: Ocean and Desert

I think Renate Aller’s depiction of Ocean and Desert is a brilliant example of two views of a story. German born and operating out of New York, Aller has paired the sand dunes of New Mexico and Colorado with ocean views from the Atlantic Ocean.

On the Lenscratch site the images are presented as diptychs (desert/ocean) and I think this works remarkably well. Sea horizons meet up with desert horizons in seamless fashion. Rolling sand dunes complement cloud build up over the ocean. Human activity takes place on the sand dunes with the sea visible below. Yet on the photographer’s own website the images are presented singularly and I found that they lose their impact when viewed this way. Hopefully the book version is presented in diptych format.

The images are very calming and serene. I actually found the diptychs very nostalgic, reminding me of my own childhood and that of my children when visiting certain beaches in South Africa where there were towering sand dunes to run up and slide down from and to continue running into the sea.

The presentation got me thinking about how I would present my assignment. Would it work if presented as diptychs or not? A little experimentation in LightRoom is called for.


Renate Aller [online] [Accessed 25 July 2015]

Smithson, Aline (2014). Renate Aller: Ocean and Desert [online]. Available from: [Accessed 19 June, 2015]



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