Lauren Henkin: The Park

I was particularly interested in Lauren Henkin’s project The Park as Vancouver has a similar park, but it is on the edge of the city and not like Central Park in New York in the middle surrounded by skyscrapers.  In this project she juxtaposes human interaction in the park against the big imposing world outside the park. The park taking on the role of comforter, protector even, from that world that looms over the humans.

The park is a place of escape, a place for solitude, but the irony of it is that there are so many people there. Can one really find solace among so many people? The sounds of the city outside the park boundaries permeate through the trees ever reminding one that this place is only a temporary respite.

I liked the way Henkin has used a low perspective in a lot of her images. This low perspective allows the city buildings to dominate over the trees of the park and provides scale to the humans that are relaxing on the grass. By shooting in black and white she has removed all colour distraction which the greenery of the park, skies, buildings and clothing could have had thus forcing the viewer to look that little bit longer at the images to tease out the meanings.

This is a project that I might like to try with Vancouver’s own Stanley Park and see where that goes.


Henkin, Laureen. Lauren Henkin [online] Available from: [Accessed 24 July, 2015] [Accessed 19 June, 2015]



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