Edward Ruscha – Every Building on the Sunset Strip

One of the photographers that my tutor suggested I look at in preparation for Assignment 1 was Edward Ruscha, with special attention to his body of work, Every Building on the Sunset Strip which was completed in 1966.

In making these images Ruscha mounted his camera on the back of a pickup truck and photographed every single building along the Sunset Strip on both sides. The images were then pasted together concertina-style as a fold-out book. Very much like Google Street View nowadays, but it must have been quite a ground breaking method for the 1960’s.

The images are taken front on in the deadpan manner. The way the sequence of photographs are joined (sometimes the alignment is slightly off) is reminiscent of the passing of time – nothing is perfect. I would not mind seeing this body of work in the flesh as this is one of those pieces that demand close attention and this doesn’t work on the internet at all and I could not find any internet reference that featured the whole body of work. I particularly like the detached point of view of the photographer. He is presenting the Sunset Strip without any frills, just as it appears, leaving the viewer to put his/her own interpretation to the body of work.


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