Exercise: Street Photography

Find a street that particularly interests you – it may be local or further afield. Shoot 30 colour images and 30 black and white images in a street photography style.

In your learning log, comment on the differences between the two formats.

What difference does colour make? Which set do you prefer and why?

I feel like I’m spinning my wheels on this exercise as I have not been able to get out and explore the streets as I would like. I have knee surgery looming on the horizon and it has been rather painful to walk long stretches. So I’m going to come back to this exercise periodically and add to it until I have the required number of images.

Black & White

Stripping colour from a photo removes a bit of reality from the image. We do not normally see in black and white so the photograph becomes more abstract. With a black and white photograph we concentrate more on light, textures, lines and form.  The distraction that colour can lend a photograph is removed. Some would say black and white images are more artistic in nature.

Black-White 01

Black-White 02

Black-White 03

Black-White 04

Black-White 05

Black-White 06

Black-White 07

Black-White 08

Black-White 09

Black-White 10


Colour brings emotion and reality to the photograph. Colour is symbolic: each colour is said to have its own significance, which in turns gives way to different expressions. It is also immediate, something we know and can relate to on various levels.

Colour 01

Colour 02

Colour 03




Colour 08

Colour 09

Colour 10

Colour 11

Colour 12



Elliott, E.C., 1958. On the Understanding of Color in Painting. The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, 16(4), pp. 453–470.


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